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Websnug LLC  is a company that was founded in 2010 by the company’s CEO/President Alan Lipa. Realizing that successful product trading, not only requires global awareness and people connections, but complete and comprehensive product knowledge.

Websnug’s head quarters are based in Apex, North Carolina, USA, which is part of the Research Triangle (The largest research park in the USA), home to numerous high-tech companies and enterprises, all anchored by North Carolina State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the cities and towns of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Morrisville and Chapel Hill  

The Websnug team has many years experience, specialized product knowledge, trading and sales.

Websnug through 100% ownership of diversified companies, cover a wide range of products, ranging from energy drinkscontainerized fresh air, steel and alloy tube and pipestube and pipe fittings, domestic coolerscommercial coolerswine coolersbeer coolers,kegeratorsspecialized freezers and graphic vinyl wrapping.

Websnug's latest and newest venture is that they have partnered with a specialized Ugandan Mountain Gorilla tour company A. A. Gorilla, Uganda, with their collaboration and teamwork, have put together unforgettable Silver Back Mountain Gorilla tours that will infuse your memory for a lifetime.


One of the most innovative products Websnug manufactures is 'Breathe Fresh Air'.

‘Breathe Fresh Air’, is an 8oz can of air with a choice of 18 fragrances from Banana to Rose Petals, ideal for use in polluted cities or smog contaminated areas, assists in breathing for most sports, high altitudes, fatigue and stress. 

This product has enjoyed immense success in globally polluted areas and cities, due to ingredient acceptability and simple application.

Websnug ships containers of 'Breathe Fresh Air' to polluted cities in China and India as well as many other polluted cities in world areas.

Websnug's Tube & Pipe division concentrates on the supply of Tube, Pipes, Tube & Pipe Fittings to the petro-chemical industries and is a large suppliers of Tube & Pipe products to refineries and chemical installations worldwide. 

Websnug LLC 's CEO/President, Alan Lipa, understands the market place from manufacturing to retailing. His skills and expertise are completely focused on marketing strategy, new business development, social media marketing, start ups, product marketing, sales management, strategic planning and product development.

He is responsible in building, guiding, leading and directing the company into the force it is today.

Alan endeavors to concentrate on Brand loyalty, brand reputation, strong distribution channels and maintaining a robust financial performance.

Websnug's current success is the ability of the company to use it's strengths to overcome weakness, and then to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented, thus creating an effective innovation process.

Effective innovation enables Websnug to keep abreast with latest technologies and to ensure a competitive advantage.

Developing  new product lines supports Websnug's growth.

Employees are encouraged to be involved in “Think Tanks” which leads to ‘large-impact’ decisions in the boardroom which we prefer to call “Websnug Speakers Corner” these impact decisions are instrumental in changing the future of Websnug and stay informed about the influence these decisions have on the outcome of the company. “



40' Shipping Container loaded with 'Breathe Fresh Air' for shipment


Packed 'Breathe Fresh Air' Cardboard Container


 Breathe Fresh Air in a Can' with the fragrance of Rose Petals


Breathe Fresh Air in a Can' with the fragrance of Peppermint

Breathe Fresh Air in a Can'

Breathe Fresh Air in a Can'



'Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard China

Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard Zhenghou City, China

Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard, Beijing City, China


Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard, Mumbai, India

Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard, Beijing, China


Breathe Fresh Air' Billboard highlighting pollution in Delhi, India Puncher Energy Drink Sky Diver

Puncher Energy Drinks Hand Gliding

Puncher Energy Drink



300mm Seamless Steel Pipe ready for shipping

900mm ERW Steel Pipe & Pipe Fittings on rolling stock for shipping


        90  ̊ Long Radius Elbows being strapped for shipping

Flanged Steel Pipe & Elbows being prepared for container packing


Alan Lipa born in Johannesburg, and grew up in Bedfordview, South Africa, now lives in Chatham County, North Carolina, USA, is an experienced business entrepreneur and an outspoken proponent of wild life conservation, advocating that the protection of the world’s fauna and flora is a priority in saving our planet.

After graduating in the late 1960’s Alan joined the family business, an engineering company in South Africa manufacturing tube and pipe flanges, pipe fittings and steel piping. He rose to the position of managing director and CEO of the family business. Alan was involved with the company for eleven years until the late 1970’s, he then founded a motor vehicle tire insurance company, moved to the USA and started a body and skin lotion and cream manufacturing corporation.

When the internet came into its own during the 1990’s, Alan realized this was the business medium of the future, he developed and built  a successful online internet trading company specializing in the manufacture and sales of golf putting mats, pool tables, juke boxes and tobacco products, supplying cigars, humidifiers, golf and recreational equipment worldwide through an online presence.

Alan’s passion is photography, art and writing, becoming a recognized wildlife photographer, artist and author, where through the years he has established a formidable and impressive following.   

Energy Drink Regular
Energy Drink Sugar Free










    Barrel Coolers
    Party Coolers
    Chest Coolers
    Upright Coolers
    Wine Chillers
    Beverage Refrigerator
    Beverage Coolers
    Beer Kegerators
    Medical Refrigerators








 Chest Freezers
 Medical Freezers       










Fresh Air Banana
Fresh Air Cappuccino
Fresh Air Cherry Blossom
Fresh Air Cinnamon
Fresh Air Falling Rain
Fresh Air Fresh Grass
Fresh Air Grape Fruit
Fresh Air Lavender
Fresh Air Lime
Fresh Air Menthol
Fresh Air Mocha
Fresh Air Musk
Fresh Air Ocean Breeze
Fresh Air Orange
Fresh Air Peanut Butter
Fresh Air Peppermint
Fresh Air Pine Needles
Fresh Air Rose Petals




Forged Flanges
Buttweld Fittings
Forged Steel Fittings
Chrome Molly Fittings
Nickel Alloy Fittings
Plate Flanges
Other Steel Fittings





Carbon Steel Welded Pipe
Stainless Steel Welded Pipe
Carbon Steel Welded Tube 
Stainless Steel Welded Tube
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe 
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe
Carbon Steel Seamless Tube
Stainless Steel Seamless Tube
Other Steel Tube & Pipes






Cast Vinyl
Calendered Vinyl
Bus Wraps
Box Truck Wraps
Car Wraps
City Vehicle Wraps
Custom Wraps
Fleet Wraps
Food Truck Wraps
Trailer Wraps
Specialty Wraps
Point of Purchase Displays
Trade Show Displays
Wall Graphics






7 Day Gorilla Safari
12 Day Gorilla Safari



Websnug ships canned and bottled air to China and India   North Carolina company concludes a contract  to supply China with 'Breathe Fresh Air in a Can'

Delhi smog: Schools closed for three days as pollution worsens



Beijing pollution: Police force to combat toxic smog


                                                        Time-lapse footage of Beijing smog


The Spirit of Charleston is a coffee table book of photographic compilation, where Alan Lipa armed with his camera portrays his interpretation of historical downtown Charleston, South Carolina, USA by capturing striking and creative images, where he describes the images in his articulate and eloquent way.

Click on 'The Spirit of Charleston' below, to preview the coffee table publication.


Price shipping included $39.95



The Day After is a coffee table pictorial by Alan Lipa depicting the day after the snow storm of February 26, 2015 in the Apex, Cary area of North Carolina, USA.

Click on 'The Day After' below, to preview the coffee table publication.


Price shipping included $29.95



Beauty of the Wild is the ultimate coffee table read combining breathtaking wildlife photography with fascinating story telling. Alan Lipa depicts and illustrates through his photography an ability to share unique and inimitable story narratives of the animals he characterizes.

Click on 'Beauty of the Wild' below, to preview the coffee table publication.

Price shipping included $49.95


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